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Crew Compliment: 3

Region: North Atlantic

Origin: Liberty Landing Marina, Jersey City, New Jersey

Departure: September 14, 2019 07:15

Hoffman's Marina, Brielle, New Jersey

Gardner's Basin Marina, Atlantic City, New Jersey
South Jersey Marina, Cape May, New Jersey

Summit North Marina, Bear, Delaware
Tolchester Marina, Chestertown, Maryland

Destination: Pier 7 Maina, Edgewater, Maryland

Arrival: September 23, 2019 13:38

Duration: 10 Days

Top Speed: 8.1 Knots

Conditions: With the exception of one or two days, we saw little to no wind. But the upside of not being able to sail is powering along water that looks like glass.

Highlights: Sometimes it is about the journey, not the destination. That is the best way to describe the second half of this trip, which took us through Delaware Bay, down the C&D Canal, and through Chesapeake Bay. It may not have been the fastest route, but it sure was a pleasure to navigate with few diversions from weather or traffic.

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