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Crew Compliment: 2

Region: North Atlantic

Origin: Pier 7 Marina, Edgewater, Maryland

Departure: October 24, 2019 13:22


Homer Smith Docks & Marina, Beaufort, North Carolina

The Conch House Marina, Saint Augustine, Florida

Riviera Beach Marina Village, Riviera Beach, Florida

Destination: Lauderdale Marine Center, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arrival: November 4, 2019 15:41

Duration: 12 Days

Top Speed: 14.1 Knots

Conditions: Slog upwind down Chesapeake Bay, reached the infamous Cape Hatteras just after sundown, and found beautiful, calm conditions rounding Cape Hatteras which is notorious for its inclement weather.

Highlights: Multiple pods of dolphins surfing in our bow wake off the coast of South Carolina.

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